Dario Ringach

Population dynamics in primary visual cortex

Tuesday 28th of February 2006 at 05:00pm
5101 Tolman

I will discuss ongoing work on the question of how population of cortical neurons represent a circular variable (in this case, the orientation of a visual stimulus), and how this representation evolves over the time-course of the response. Mathematically, the problem is effectively the study of how the unit circle gets mapped to a high-dimensional space representing the instantaneous firing rate of the population. I will first present some theoretical results based on a simple model, including a curious property about the 'sharpening' of population codes, and a contraint on the 'information tuning curve' recently introduced by Kang and Sompolinsky. Then, I will share recent experimental results obtained by the simultaneous recording across a population of cortical cells using micromachined 10x10 electrode arrays.

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