3D Form and Motion

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Mondays at 1:00, Evans 560

3D models from images:

  • Hartley and Zisserman: Multiple View Geometry (Amazon)
  • Hoiem and Savarese: 3D object recognition and scene interpretation, book pdf
  • Hoiem Ph.D. thesis "SEEING THE WORLD BEHIND THE IMAGE" pdf
  • Cashman and Fitzgibbons: "What Shape are Dolphins? Building 3D Morphable Models from 2D Images" pdf
  • Snavely and Seitz, "Photo tourism" (aka photosynth), pdf


o tutorial on SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping)
o Daniel Cremers work on helicopters/SLAM (TU Munich)
o Newcombe and Davison work on fast single camera SLAM


o Glennerster and Fitzgibbon, "View-Based Approaches to Spatial Representation in Human Vision"
o Nakayama et al. (1995)
o Wexler work on depth from self-motion/parallax