Brain Network Dynamics 2007

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  1. Vinod Menon: Welcoming Remarks
  2. Marcus Raichle: Two Views of Brain Function
  3. Walter Freeman: My Legacy: A Launch Pad for Exploring Neocortex
  4. Leslie Kay: Manipulating Fast and Slow Neural Synchrony in Olfactory Processing
  5. György Buzsáki: Oscillations Organize Hippocampal Cell Ensembles
  6. Robert Knight: High Gamma and Human Behavior
  7. Missing
  8. Steven Bressler: The Dynamic Formation of Large-Scale Cortical Networks by Coordination of Oscillatory Assemblies
  9. Marsel Mesulam: Imaging Distributed Networks
  10. David Leopold: The Role of the Primary Visual Cortex in Multistable Perception
  11. Marcus Raichle: Spontaneous Intrinsic Network Dynamics - an fMRI Perspective
  12. Mark D'Esposito: Neural Mechanisms of Working Memory
  13. Joaquin Fuster: Distributed Memory and the Perception-Action Cycle
  14. Vinod Menon: Dynamic Brain Networks - Relation to Behavior and Cognition
  15. Hubert Dreyfus: Freeman’s Merleau-Pontian Neurodynamics - Similarities and Differences
  16. Michael Merzenich: Brain plasticity for cochlear implants
  17. Banquet comments (Walter Freeman)
  18. Olaf Sporns: Connectivity, Dynamics, and Embodiment
  19. Friedrich Sommer: Spike Timings Relative to Retinal Oscillations Carry Visual Information to Cortex
  20. Anil Seth: Causal Networks in Neural Systems: Lessons from Brain-Based Devices
  21. Eugene Izhikevich: Simulating 1011
  22. Barry Horwitz: Combined Use of Brain Network Modeling and Functional Brain Imaging
  23. Robert_Kozma: Modeling Cortical Phase Transitions
  24. James L. (Jay) McClelland: Dynamics of Cognitive Processing and Learning
  25. Alan Yuille: Vision as Bayesian Inference: Analysis by Synthesis
  26. Gregory Ashby: A Neurobiological Theory of Automaticity in Perceptual Categorization
  27. Patricia Carpenter: A Catalytic Theory of Perception and Action
  28. Michael Spivey: Continuous Temporal Dynamics in Perception and Cognition
  29. Guy Van Orden: Prospects at Hand for Cognitive Dynamics
  30. Stan Leung: Electrophysiology of Mass Action
  31. Giuseppe Vitiello: Relations Between Many-Body Physics and Nonlinear Brain Dynamics