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Cluster Administration

This page documents the details of different aspects of administration of the cluster.

Managing Local Modules

Cortex manages its own group of modules locally. You can ask Bruno about getting added to the admin team. Currently installed modules can be seen to running

 module avail

The bottom group of modules are the ones that we are managing ourselves.

Installing New Modules

There are two steps to create a new module. First, the package needs to be downloaded and built locally. Second, the package needs to be added to the list of modules.

Package installers and executable files belong in


To add the package as a module, a folder/file needs to be created in


You should look at some of the other module files as examples.

Module ownership

It is easiest to administer the modules if everyone on the admin team (cortexsw group) has read, write, and execute privileges for the package files and module file. You can do this by hand with chmod, or you can run

 bash /clusterfs/cortex/software/ 

which will add the correct permissions for the module files.

Matlab Installation

Matlab versions and licenses are updates roughly annually. If possible, the current version and second most recent versions will be maintained. The rough steps are listed here with more detailed instructions below.

* Request licenses from campus. We are asking for ~30.
* Download and move files to /clusterfs/cortex/software/matlab<version>
* Install matlab on the cluster
* Setup licenses correctly
* Create new matlab module