Gender Equality

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There is a clear lack of equality when it comes to scientific employment between men and women. This problem manifests itself at the University level, and includes the Redwood Center itself. In the summer of 2014, we held a group meeting to begin looking at ways in which we could improve the situation. There were many great ideas and thoughtfully written articles from the Internet put forth.

This page is established in an attempt to keep an electronic record of progress and thoughts towards gender equality at the Redwood Center and in the field of Neuroscience as a whole.

UC Berkeley Specific STEM and Gender Articles

Women in Neuroscience

Women in Techology

Miscellaneous Resources for and About Women


Sexism, Harassment and Bias in Academia

Sexism, Harassment and Bias in the Tech Industry

General Resources

Link Contributors

  • Sarah Hillenbrand
  • Yvonne Fonken
  • Sarah Marzen
  • Alex Anderson
  • Jesse Livezy
  • Mike Schachter