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  • Crick, Francis, and Graeme Mitchison. "The Function of Dream Sleep." Nature 304, (14 July 1983): 111-114.
  • David J. Foster and Matthew A. Wilson, Reverse replay of behavioural sequences in hippocampal place cells during the awake state, Nature 440, 680-683 (30 March 2006) link

Other topics

  • Karklin, Lewicki. A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Learning Nonlinear Statistical Regularities in Nonstationary Natural Signals. Neural Computation. 2005;17:397-423. MSRI talk
  • Guetig, Sompolinsky. The Tempotron: a neuron that learns spike timing-based decisions. Nature Neuroscience 2006; 9:420-428. [1]
  • Hinton, Dayan, Frey, Neal. The wake-sleep algorithm for unsupervised Neural Networks. Science, 268, 1158-1161.
  • Nakayama, He, Shimojo. Visual Surface Representation: A critical link between Lower-level and Higher-level vision. Visual Congnition, 1995. [2]
  • Zhu, Wu, Mumford. Filters, Random Fields and Maximum Entropy (FRAME): Towards a Unified Theory for Texture Modeling. International Journal of Computer Vision 27(2), 107-126 (1998). [3]
  • George, Hawkins. A Hierarchical Bayesian Model of Invariant Pattern Recognition in the Visual Cortex. link
  • D.P. Wipf and B.D. Rao, "Sparse Bayesian Learning for Basis Selection," IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 52, no. 8, August 2004. link
  • Alan A Stocker & Eero P Simoncelli. Noise characteristics and prior expectations in human visual speed perception. Nature Neuroscience 9, 578 - 585 (2006) [4]
  • Wilson RI, Turner GC, and Laurent G. Transformation of olfactory representations in the Drosophila antennal lobe Science 303: 366-370 (2004) [5]

Computational Biology

  • Paul W. K. Rothemund. Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapes and patterns. Nature 440, 297-302 (16 March 2006). link


  • Anthony Leonardo & Michale S. Fee. Ensemble Coding of Vocal Control in Birdsong. The Journal of Neuroscience, January 19, 2005, 25(3):652-661. link (Warning: 27.7 MB .pdf)

Here's an example for formating:


  • E. Smith and M. S. Lewicki, Efficient Auditory Coding, Nature, 439 (7079), 2006. link
News and Views: DeWeese and Zador, "Neurobiology: Efficiency measures". link