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  • Kovesi, Image Features from Phase Congruency. [1]
  • Friewald et al., A face feature space in the macaque temporal lobe. [2]


  • Labat, Idier, Sparse blind deconvolution accounting for time-shift ambiguity. [3]


  • Kobilarov et al., Lie Group Integrators for Animation and Control of Vehicles.[4]


  • Heitz, Koller. Learning Spatial Context: Using Stuff to Find Things. [5]


  • Wierzynski et al., Hippocampal-prefontal spike timing during sleep. [6]
  • Petreanu et al., The subcellular organization of neocortical excitatory connections. [7]


  • Sharpee et al., Analyzing neural responses to natural signals: Maximally informative dimensions [8]


  • Zoran & Weiss, Scale Invariance and Noise in Natural Images. [9]
  • Anderson & Martin, The Synaptic Connections between Cortical Areas V1 and V2 in Macaque Monkey. [10]
  • Ozden et al. Reliable Coding Emerges from Coactivation of Climbing Fibers in Microbands of Cerebellar Purkinje Neurons [11]
  • Learning to Traverse Image Manifolds

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