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The hard deadline is the announcement of the CRCNS activity at the Cosyne conference on February 2008. By this time, we would like to have the "beta" version of the repository working, that is, providing both the description of all the data sets and the ability to download the data.

The sooner we get data from you, the more time we have to optimize how your data will be represented in the repository. Ideally, the tasks you have to do should be completed by the following dates.

Target dates for tasks to be completed:

Completion DateTask
  Dec. 15, 2007     Test FTP access and get personal FTP account  
  Dec. 15, 2007     Start uploading organized data  
  Jan. 7, 2008     Finish providing complete data set and notify us  
  Jan 7 to Feb 25     Answer questions we may have about your data  
  Jan 7 to Feb 25     Approve the representation of your data set  
  (after you received our notification)  

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