VS265: Reading Fall2010

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26 Aug


31 Aug

02 Sep

07 Sep

  • Handout on supervised learning in single-stage feedforward networks
  • Handout on supervised learning in multi-layer feedforward networks - "backpropagation"
  • Y. LeCun, L. Bottou, G. Orr, and K. Muller (1998) "Efficient BackProp," in Neural Networks: Tricks of the trade, (G. Orr and Muller K., eds.).
  • NetTalk demo

21 Sep


28 Sep

Optional readings:

5 Oct

Here are some additional links to papers mentioned in lecture. Optional reading:

- Gary Blasdel, Orientation selectivity, preference, and continuity in monkey striate cortex., J Neurosci, 1992. Another source of many of nice images are in the galleries on Amiram Grinvald's site: [1]

- From Clay Reid's lab, Functional imaging with cellular resolution reveals precise micro-architecture in visual cortex. Make sure you look at the supplementary material and videos on their web site (seems partly broken) [2].

7 Oct

Additional reading:

12/14 Oct