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For each lecture, we also have a list of optional reading corresponding to ideas discussed in lecture. You may read these if you are interested in the particular topic: Optional Reading

2 Sep

04 Sep

Optional reading for more background:

16 Sep

  • Handout on supervised learning in single-stage feedforward networks

18 Sep

  • Handout on supervised learning in multi-layer feedforward networks - "backpropagation"
  • Y. LeCun, L. Bottou, G. Orr, and K. Muller (1998) "Efficient BackProp," in Neural Networks: Tricks of the trade, (G. Orr and Muller K., eds.).
  • NetTalk demo

23 Sep

25 Sep

  • HKP Chapter 9

30 Sep

2 Oct

Optional readings that covers material in lecture in greater depth:

7 Oct

A handout on sparse coding and on 'ICA', something we haven't yet discussed:

Dayan and Abbott has a nice section on sparse coding in Chapter 10. This is on the syllabus for unsupervised learning already, but you may want to focus on section 10.3 and 10.4.

Here is a link to Compressive Sensive Resources at Rice. It has an enormous number of recent papers related to compressed sensing and sparse coding.

9 Oct

Here are a list of references for David Zipser's talk: pdf. David also suggested the following chapter in an upcoming book by Thomas J. Anastasio: pdf (waiting for approval to post)

14 Oct

Here are some additional links to papers mentioned in lecture. Optional reading:

- Gary Blasdel, Differential Imaging of Ocular Dominance and Orientation Selectivity in Monkey Striate Cortex, J Neurosci, 1992. Another source of many of nice images are in the galleries on Amiram Grinvald's site: [1]

- From Clay Reid's lab, Functional imaging with cellular resolution reveals precise micro-architecture in visual cortex. Make sure you look at the supplementary material and videos on their web site (seems partly broken) [2].

16 Oct

Additional reading:

21 Oct

23 Oct