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Bruno Olshausen

Professor, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
and School of Optometry, UC Berkeley

and Director, Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience


CV / NIH Biosketch


UC Berkeley:

VS 265 - Neural Computation (fall 2020)

UC Davis:

NPB 261B - Topics in Vision (winter 2005)
NPB 263 - Information processing models: Minds and machines (Spring 2004)

NPB 163/PSC 128 - Information processing models in neuroscience and psychology (Winter 2004)
PSC 290 - Computational Neuroscience (Spring 2002)
PSC 129 - Sensory Processes  (Winter 2002)
NPB 261/PSC 290 - Vision Science (Spring 2001)
Natural scene statistics and sensory coding (Spring 2001)
Computational neuroscience (Winter 2001)
Object recognition journal club (Fall 2000)
PSC 290: "Minds and Machines" (Spring 2000)



book-cover Probabilistic Models of the Brain: Perception and Neural Function.  
R. P. N. Rao, B. A. Olshausen, and M. S. Lewicki, Eds.  MIT Press, 2002.



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Email: baolshausen at berkeley dot edu

Mailing address:
Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience
UC Berkeley
575A Evans Hall, MC 3198
Berkeley, CA 94720-3198

School of Optometry, UC Berkeley
360 Minor Hall, MC 2020
Berkeley, CA 94720-2020