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Abstract and current list of invitees are here: Top_down_or_bottom_up

List of invitees:

Tony Bell "big picture" overview cross-scale theoretical framework
Kilian Koepsell or Tim Blanche spikes & LFP with polytrodes meso scale GLM
Gyorgy Buzsaki spikes & LFP with polytrodes meso scale modeling
Peter Robinson, Jim Wright or David Liley multimodal human data, esp. EEG whole brain modeling
Jean-Philippe Lachaux human eCog, EEG & MEG data macro scale modeling
Pascal Fries or Thilo Womelsdorf spikes and LFP meso scale modeling
Charles Schroeder, Bressler or Lakatos ? ?
Ryan Canolty, Kai Miller or colleague human eCog macro scale modeling
David Mc Cormick intra-/extracellular spike data micro-meso scale modeling
Rafael Malach, Rami Arieli, Fried, or Quiroga human spike and LFP data meso-macro scale modeling

We hope you will join us for discussion and debate at what promises to be a very exciting workshop!

Other potential invitees

Grinvald, Tsodyks, Logothetis; Victor; Purpura; Fred Wolf; Yang Dan; Rob Fromke; Ken Harris; Bijan Pesaran; Terry Sejnowski; Larry Abbott; Jack Cowan; Walter Freeman; Elizabeth Buffalo; Paul Nunez or post-doc...