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Topics in Ocular Motion and Stable Visual Perception

Fall 2014

  • [Oct 08] T Carney, DA Silverstein, SA Klein (1995) - Vernier Acuity During Image Rotation and Translation: Visual Performance Limits [1]
  • [Sep 24] E Ahissar, A Arieli (2012) - Seeing Via Miniature Eye Movements: A Dynamic Hypothesis for Vision [2]
  • [Sep 10] DWL Wu, NC Anderson, WF Bischof, A Kingstone (2014) - Temporal Dynamics of Eye Movements are Related to Differences in Scene Complexity and Clutter [3]

Summer 2014

  • [Aug 12] DM Snodderly, I Kagan, M Gur (2001) - Selective Activation of Visual Cortex Neurons by Fixational Eye Movements: Implications for Neural Coding [4]
  • [July 29] M Rucci, G Desbordes (2003) - Contributions of Fixational Eye Movements to the Discrimination of Briefly Presented Stimuli [5]
  • [July 15] CA Hass, GD Horwitz (2011) - Effects of Microsaccades on Contrast Detection and V1 Responses in Macaques [6]
  • [July 1] M Rolfs, D Jonikaitis, H Deubel, P Cavanagh (2010) - Predictive Remapping of Attention Across Eye Movements [7]
  • [June 17] A Bruno, I Ayhan, A Johnston (2010) - Retinotopic Adaptation-Based Visual Duration Compression [8]
  • [June 3] WJ Harrison, PJ Bex (2014) - Integrating Retinotopic Features in Spatiotopic Coordinates [9]
  • [May 20] R Engbert, K Mergenthaler, P Sinn, A Pikovsky (2011) - An Integrated Model of Fixational Eye Movements and Microsaccades [10]

Spring 2014

  • [May 6] J Laubrock, R Engbert, R Kliegl (2008) - Fixational Eye Movements Predict the Perceived Direction of Ambiguous Apparent Motion [11]
  • [April 22] TL Alvarez, VR Vicci, Y Alkan, EH Kim, S Gohel, AM Barrett, N Chiaravalloti, BB Biswal (2010) - Vision Therapy in Adults with Convergence Insufficiency: Clinical and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measures [12]
  • [April 15] MR Harwood, L Madelain, RJ Krauzlis, J Wallman (2008) - The Spatial Scale of Attention Strongly Modulates Saccade Latencies [13]
  • [April 8] X Kuang, M Poletti, JD Victor, M Rucci (2012) - Temporal Encoding of Spatial Information During Active Visual Fixation [14]
  • [April 1] HA Katnani, NJ Gandhi (2013) - Time Course of Motor Preparation during Visual Search with Flexible Stimulus-Response Association [15]
  • [March 25] K Donner, S Hemila (2007) - Modelling the Effect of Microsaccades on Retinal Responses to Stationary Contrast Patterns [16]
  • [March 13] OS Dhande, ME Estevez, LE Quattrochi, RN El-Danaf, PL Nguyen, DM Berson, AD Huberman (2013) - Genetic Dissection of Retinal Inputs to Brainstem Nuclei Controlling Image Stabilization [17]
  • [Feb 25] Y Burak, U Rokni, M Meister, H Sompolinsky (2010) - Bayesian Model of Dynamic Image Stabilization in the Visual System [18]

Time and Location

We are currently on hiatus. However, our normal meeting times were 1:00-2:00pm every other Wednesday at the Redwood Center (560 Evans). Please sign up to the email list (below) for announcements on meeting dates.


This journal club is aimed at graduate students with an interest in a computational approach to studying how eye motion relates to perception. It provides a broad survey of literature from theoretical and computational neuroscience to physiological and clinical experimentation. Readings will combine both seminal works and recent theories. All attendees are encouraged to read through the paper beforehand - it results in a much more fruitful discussion.

If you have questions, please email the club organizer Dylan Paiton.

E-mail List

To subscribe to the journal club email list, visit this link. You will receive emails about papers that will be covered in the next meeting.

Guidelines for Presenting Papers

Each person that selects a paper should present, in about 20-40 minutes:

  • an executive summary
  • an outline of the key points, ideas, or contributions
  • relevant background information
  • a description of the key figures
  • what you took away from the paper
  • some potential questions for discussion

You are encouraged to use whatever method to present (slides, puppets, etc.).