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Summer applicants

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Divyaratan Popli

I am a second year student of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering studying in the Indian Institute of Technology [IIT] Kanpur. I am deeply interested in neuroprosthetics and neural signal transmission, and I have been trying to do some intensive study on it on my own. In fact I am working on the development of a myoelectric prosthetic hand with two degrees of freedom this semester.

Recently, I got to spend some wonderful time with Dr. Jack Gallant while he was here in our annual technical fest. I had a very motivating experience with Dr. Gallant , while he explained the research work being done in your labs. I was very excited and shared with him my strong desire to work in this field. He suggested that you may be interested in taking some interns for summer. Thus, I would like to offer myself as a possible candidate. I would be delighted to get a favourable response from you that enables me to prepare for the suggested internship. My resume is attached with the mail.

Felix Schuler

My interests are mostly in the fields that are working with the connections of Neursoscience and Computer Science which for me is machine learning, neural networks, BCI, neuroinformatics with regression models and classification. I'm also interested in computer vision and dynamic systems like evolutional algorithms or neurokybernetics. Since I am in my 3rd semester now, I did some courses in this fields, mostly neuroinformatics (linear regression models, model selection, classification), mathematics and Computer Science (Object oriented programming in Java and C++, computational linguistics with a few lines of python) and some matlab work (simple neural networks, orientation maps, tuning curves, linear regression models with polynomial basis functions and model selection based on log likelihood or AIC).

In my next semester I will do a course in machine learning and pattern recognition, some linear algebra, a course on neurodynamics and maybe a course on liquid computing. I also look forward to work with the neurokybernetics research-group here at the university of Osnabrück with professor Pasemann. What fascinates me is the interaction of problems in neuroscience and the methods that Computer Science can contribute to that.

I'm interested in deepening my knowledge in this fields of computational neuroscience, especially to get some insight into the practical daily life of research. It would be cool to contribute with my acquired knowledge and abilities and also learn a lot of new stuff.

Therefore I would be happy if the possibility of an internship in San Diego (??) exists.

The timeframe would be something in between August and April for at least 3 months. I would then have studied 4 semesters in Osnabrück, doing one semester abroad and finish my bachelor's degree in my sixth semester. 3 months are the minimum duration the university accepts, but if it fits I could also stay longer. This would also be a great opportunity to get a topic for my bachelor's thesis that I could elaborate on in my last semester. Please find my CV attached and let me know if you have further questions or if you want a contact to somebody of the university.

Alex Jose

Statement of interests: While I've only recently been introduced to the topic, I think research in sparse code-based unsupervised learning is very interesting, although I am generally interested in many aspects of machine learning. For me, an ideal project would be one that required me to expand my understanding of some of these subjects while still allowing me to be useful in some respect. I would be glad to do coding tasks for anyone, on the condition that I could correspond with them w.r.t. papers I've been reading and have questions on. I have a research project for this summer already, but I would be very interested in independent research (or whatever could be helpful) starting any time.

Priyanka Desirazu

I am an Undergraduate Biotechnology Engineering Student, studying in Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. I am interested in doing an internship in your lab sometime in July. I am fascinated by Neuroscience and it is my primary research interest. I have worked as an intern in The Laboratory for Advanced Biomaterials and Stem Cell Based Therapeutics at Harvard Medical School, USA where I was part of the team that worked on localized and on-demand drug delivery from self assembled nanofibrous gels for the prevention of recurrence of brain tumors. My initial interest in Neuroscience sprouted when I read a book called "The Tell-Tale Brain" by VS Ramachandran which I thought was brilliant!

I read your website and what fascinated me the most was the combination of Neuroscience and Engineering and mainly the computational aspects of Neuroscience. It would be a great opportunity for me to work in your laboratory and I am sure that I will learn a lot.

Statement of interest:

Understanding how the brain works is by far the most challenging and exciting topic I have ever come across. What got me thinking about it was a book called The Tell-Tale Brain by Dr. V.S.Ramachandran. I was completely fascinated by the way he simplified certain concepts and yet retained the accuracy of complex models. By studying patients who show rare symptoms he has tried to understand how a normal human brain functions. This book made me realize how complex and intriguing the human brain is amidst its intricate wiring.

I am particularly interested in learning about the neural connections between the mind, brain and body. How do these three components work together to make us who we are? Why do different people react to similar situations differently? Why do we cry when we see a sad movie? Answers to these questions will only help us in learning more about what is probably the human body’s most fascinating organ! It is these very curiosities of mine that have developed into a passion to pursue neuroscience in any way that I can.

Driven by my interest, I chose to do an internship at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology at Harvard Medical School last July on Investigating Self-Assembly of Ampiphilic Prodrug-Based Hydrogels for Improved Drug Delivery for Brain Cancer Patients.

In the future, I would like to study more about the complex neuronal circuitry, and also how neurons respond to specific external stimuli. This will help throw more light on the various intricate signaling pathways in the brain. Mirror neurons were one such class of neurons that I enjoyed reading about.

I am pursuing Biotechnology Engineering at present and I enjoy the various techniques of engineering that we use in order to modify bio-products, along with the use of microorganisms. I have always enjoyed Computer programming and have chosen it as an elective wherever possible. The best part of computer programming is that you cannot get off the chair without getting the code completely right! Therefore, the combination of Neuroscience, Engineering and Programming is a cake with a double layer of icing for me! I certainly wish to take up something in the field of Neuro-Engineering when I begin my Graduate studies.

In brief: Neural Circuit development, synaptic integration, Neuromodulation, Electrophysiology

Kwang Ryeol Lee

I am Kwang Ryeol Lee from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Republic of Korea. Currently, I'm an undergraduate student (Senior) in the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering.

I am writing to you to solicit your consent to giving me a chance to work at your laboratory as an undergraduate research intern. I happen to be very passionate about the field of computational neuroscience. And I am currently in Professor Dae-Shik Kim's laboratory, conducting a research on the visual scene statistics based on dominant orientation changes in RF of simple cell.

My research interest lies more or less within the computational encoding models of visual processing, and definitely like to learn more about it. Professor Dae-Shik Kim recommended me to contact you for research internship as I wanted to have experiences at laboratories abroad.

Fortunately, my school offers a finantial support with the KAIST presidential fellowship to highly promotes the experience of scholarship students.

I was wondering if your laboratory does offer such opportunities for student like me. I will be looking forward to the answer. Thank you.

  • p.s. For your reference, I attached abstract of my current research that is decided as the poster presentation subject of the WCCI-IJCNN conference this summer.

Actually I plan to take a semester off from school for the next semester (from September to December) for this internship. And summer vacation period of our school is from June to August.

Therefore, any period in between July and December is okay for me. (In June, I will be in Australia due to the conference.) And for the duration of the internship, there is no limit or constraint that is set by our school. However, the only constraint is that I have to come back here in the end of December.

In my opinion, it would be better if I prepare for the internship in July. I would be able to study some literature in Korea by keeping in touch with you or the member of your laboratory so that I can start internship at your laboratory from August.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. I'll follow your instruction if you have another preference.

Haimabati Dey

I would like to express my interest in applying as a research intern/visiting researcher/graduate student in your research group.

I have explored the department of Theoretical Neuroscience website as well as few of your research on understanding visual cortex in detail, and it seems like an excellent fit for me for its theoretical and simulation approach towards understanding perception and cognition in human brain.

However, I still have a few specific questions that I’d like to talk to you about. I would like to know if I can contact with you further or not.

I completely understand the fact that being prominent researcher in such a ground breaking field, you follow a strict and busy schedule. Still, I hope you don’t mind my getting in touch, in case I’d like to inquire whether you are currently accepting graduate students. And if you are, if you’d be willing to talk to me a bit more, by email or on the phone, I want to talk to you about my graduate school plans.