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The Redwood Center homepage is here.


The Redwood Center Inaugural Symposium DVD is online!

Remarks for new users

  1. You can use the 'preferences' link at the top of the page to configure this wiki. In particular, you might want to change the 'skin' to MonoBookRedwood in order to take full advantage of the wiki functionality
  2. Please see the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.
  3. The FAQ is also useful.
  4. You might also want to sign up on our mailinglist

Have fun! --Kilian 16:45, 8 November 2005 (PST)

Public Website Pages

  1. Here is the page for the Mission and Research of the RedwoodCenter!
  2. Here is the wiki version of the People at the Redwood Center page.
  3. Here is the page for editing Publications

Internal Organization

  1. Lab meeting schedule for our Friday lab meetings.
  2. Here is the Seminars page for the organization of our weekly seminar.
  3. Here is the wiki page for Topics in Computational Neuroscience (TCN) journal club.
  4. Here is the wiki page for Topics in Ocular Motion and Stable Visual Perception (OM) journal club.
  5. Internal Calendar used for Conference Room reservation. See Calendars for information on how to login to add another reservation or event.
  6. There are also calendars for the overflow rooms Evans 550 and 552 if you'd like to reserve them.
  7. Here are some resources on mentorship. Consider serving as mentor-- it's an excellent way to give back.
  8. We are no longer having tea time. Here are the Tea Time Notes from previous meetings.

Redwood Resources

  1. Cluster - information on using the cortex cluster
  2. Mailinglist - has all of the redwood email lists with descriptions
  3. Instructions for using the RES Purchasing System.
  4. Here is a resource for presenting our Redwood identity Logos
  5. Here is a page with information how to get an RSS feed for our web pages (RSS).
  6. VS298: Neural Computation course, Fall 08.
  7. Who is in charge of X? Responsibilities
  8. NON-EQUILIBRIUM CLUB Essential Reading
  9. Brain_Network_Dynamics_2007

Older pages (possibly in need of update)

  1. old course page VS298 (Fall 06): Neural Computation.
  2. Here is the table about Graphical Models we discussed in the journal club.
  3. Here is a page to suggest Purchase Items (i.e. books).
  4. Summer Courses related to computational/theoretical neuroscience.
  5. Cosyne 2007 Workshops
  6. Photos from the Pt Reyes hike (July 29, 2006), and the Mt Diablo hike (August 25, 2006).
  7. Redwood Center Meeting 2008